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New Indigenous News Radio Show

“Law enforcement gone wild” – Marley Shebala

A new radio program in the west has recently come out called Navajo News Without Borders aka Indigenous News from the Navajo Rez. The program had begun four months ago and has featured topics on government policies, the environment, veteran care/treatment, and domestic violence. All of the featured stories are produced by trained journalists from Navajo land in Widow Rock, Arizona.

The most recent report (12/4/14) included the topic of the “Native American Renaissance” in comparison to the public and political struggles that is happening today with police brutality.

Featured program below:

Navajo News Without Borders AKA Indigenous News from the Navajo Rez 12/04 by Navajo News Without Borders | News Podcasts

Marley Shebala, the host of the radio show, continues on the subject throughout the broadcast, along with the way that news and media are censored in the United States. For audiences to receive more information or to listen to broadcasts go to

Shebala provides weekly broadcasts every Thursday from 7pm-9pm.