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Coverage of the Marysville Shooting.

Courtesy: ABC News.
Courtesy: ABC News.
Courtesy: Fox8 News
Courtesy: Fox8 News

On Friday in Marysville, just outside of Tulalip, Washington, a young boy, 14, shot multiple students including himself.

The boy, Jaylen Fryberg (shown left), was considered very popular in his freshman year at Marysville-Pilchuck High School.

Fryberg, of the Tulalip tribe of Washington, killed a fellow student, injured four others and subsequently shot himself. As of today, one of the four students injured has now passed due to the injury. All of the victims were said and confirmed to have been close friends with Fryberg, and two being his relatives.

According to witnesses the students were shot methodically by Fryberg, in the cafeteria around 10:30, on Friday morning. Police have found a .4o caliber handgun at the school that is said to have been used by Fryberg. A fellow student of Fryberg had said after the fact that, Fryberg and his cousin had gotten into a fight earlier that week. On Fryberg’s social media it seemed that his feelings were clues and described his feelings vaguely on Twitter.

For many in the Tulalip tribe it has come as a shock especially to Fryberg’s family who have said that Fryberg and his cousin were “inseparable” and “best friends.”

The tribe is also in disarray due to the Fryberg’s standing within the tribe, stating that the 14 year old was seen as a future leader of the tribe because of his cultural and traditional knowledge as well as general intelligence.

Many of his family and friends in mourning feel that the reasons for Fryberg’s actions are shocking. Some describe him as very happy person, which is also why so many fellow students, family and community members are celebrating the lives of all of those involved, including Fryberg’s.

With a shooting effecting and impacting so many in a community, it puzzles me that there has been so little coverage of the event within the first 24 hours. The leading media was from the Associated Press and other small/local news companies, followed slowly by CNN, ABC and Fox news.

In the past, events like Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, the meda was in a whirlwind for more information, interviews and to show mourning events for weeks. Even with the most recent Ottawa shooting and lockdown, an event like the Marysville school shooting should be thoroughly covering the news, due to its newsworthiness by most journalist’s standards.