Bundles of Broccoli Benefits

As a child, I loved these vibrant green “little trees.” I’d pick them apart, examine the smaller, and – chomp – ! Broccoli became one of my favorite vegetables simply because I thought they looked cool. The concept that these were some form of miniature edible tree, fascinated my childhood self. My true love for broccoli came after I found out how amazing they really are for you.

The textured green bundle has an abundance of healthy rewards. Stemming from the cabbage family, broccoli was originally cultivated in Europe, more specifically Italy. It Broccoli #4
was brought to America before the 1800s, and has since been widely grown throughout the country for several decades. California is the country’s biggest harvester, and quickly became the number one recommended diet staple for anyone looking to not just lose weight, but take steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

Broccoli has been known to aid the symptoms of as well as even help prevent chronic illnesses including diabetes, anemia, heart disease, and cancer. All three of these ailments are major issues within Indian Country. Having consistent doses of broccoli in one’s diet can help control diabetes from its amazing nutrient dense fibers and detoxifying the body thanks to antioxidants.

The green low sodium, low-calorie, fat-free, nutrient-rich powerhouse has helped humans stay healthy and with its high fiber table has been a staple in many weight loss nutrition plans. Its high fiber content, broccoli can actually aid in digestion and even constipation. Fiber rich diets are good for weight loss as well as a great way to help lowerBroccoli #2 cholesterol levels. However, broccoli’s fiber properties can also irritate the bowels and is known to cause gas. The good news – gas isn’t a permanent symptom, and it by no means outweighs the benefits of consuming broccoli regularly. In fact, by consuming it more often, you’ll lower your flatulent tendencies!

When battling anemia one can suffer from fatigue, a compromised immune system, making you prone to infections, and an inability to focus. Buying fresh, green and tight bunches of this vegetable can be the first step to getting your daily recommended dose of iron. Eating just one (1) cup of broccoli has 2 mg of iron, out of the recommended 10 mg of an adults’ daily value.

Broccoli has an abundance of vitamins and minerals aside from iron, some of which are vitamin C & E, calcium, beta carotene, amino acids, folate, potassium and tons of phytonutrients that contribute to good health. Broccoli’s beta-carotene can actually help the body’s absorption of iron. When consumed, beta-carotene also gets converted inside the body into Vitamin A. The nutrients in Vitamin A helps physical growth and development, improves skin, and benefits eye health.

The vegetable’s amino acids, phytonutrients and antioxidants encourage the body’s blood health and is a natural detoxifier. Antioxidants aid the liver in its function to cleanse the blood and prevent cancer and cirrhosis due to their effects on free radicals which cause cell damage in the body.

Broccoli #3

Preserving & Cooking Broccoli:           

When shopping, choose a fresh broccoli bundle that has vibrant green florets. Making sure that the florets are tight and firm.

After taking your vita-rich veggie home, make sure to wash it and store it in a cool place, wrapping it in a damp paper towel. This will allow you to keep it for about 3 days before it becomes questionable.

Pro Tip 1: If you are looking to keep some fresh florets longer, try freezing your broccoli or simply by fresh-to-frozen bundles at the store.

You can eat broccoli in MANY ways: steamed, boiled, chopped, raw… You can even add broccoli to smoothies for on-the-go eating!

Add broccoli to soups, salads, omelettes or pasta dishes to give your meals a nutrient boost too!

Pro Tip 2: Eating just 3 servings of broccoli a week can help play a role in fighting and preventing cancer!Broccoli #4


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The Goods on Garlic!

Garlic 3Garlic. The culprit to bad breath and body odor; but garlic has some incredible nutrient properties also. Primarily cultivated in China and parts of the Middle East, this harsh smelling bulb also has historically renowned health benefits. A member of the onion family, garlic has been used to treat the common cold, bronchitis, the flu and can even decrease the risk of heart disease for centuries.

Garlic has been known to encourage blood circulation and even as antibacterial effects. Ajone, a garlic extract, helps to reduce the formation of blood clots and is most useful as Garlic 9a dietary treatment for heart disease through consumption and utilizing garlic extract. Every fiber of garlic contains sulfurous compounds that help fight infections, like fungal infections and the common yeast infection!

High doses of garlic in the diet has often been known to help battle salmonella and some cases of food poisoning. Thanks to allicin, another compound of garlic that works as the antibacterial property, which fights against the Helicobacter pylori– the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. The bacteria possess the ability to become cancerous and is found to be one of the leading culprit to stomach cancer.

When shopping for fresh garlic, be sure to pick big and plump bulbs that aren’t too dry, but aren’t soft and soggy either. Garlic 2Try to avoid torn bulbs or ones with sprouts (unless you’re looking to regrow them at home). These bulbs are ideal nutrient carries due to their undamaged state, meaning no nutrients have left the garlic through harvesting, transport, and market presentation.

In order to save as much nutrient value in your cooking, try boiling whole garlic for two (2) minutes. The boiling process makes the bulb a great consistency to be mashed for a paste that can be used in a variety of recipes. You can also buy chopped, minced, or split garlic from your local market, but be aware the best nutrient value comes from the freshest picked bulbs, and the least processed.

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For cooking with smaller doses of garlic, instead of sautéing it at the beginning of your cooking process, add it towards the end. By adding your crushed or chopped garlic at the end of your cooking, you avoid losing that valuable, heart and stomach healthy nutrients, and avoid burning.

You can also, keep garlic for several weeks, as long as it is stored in dry place, isolated place to avoid mold contamination from its other veggie friends.

Garlic 7


Large doses of garlic should NOT be given to those on anticoagulant medication and may interfere with diabetic drugs. Garlic doses should also be monitored for women who are pregnant as it may cause contractions.


Did you know, garlic was used by WWI doctors to help prevent battlefield wounds from infections and becoming septic? Well, you know now!!

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Nutrition and a balanced circle.

For millennia, healers have utilized foods as powerful healing tools that can affect not only the body but the mind and spirit. Before there was Tylenol and supplements, Groceryhumans focused on food and plants to maintain a healthy life.

With the belief that the mind, the body, and spirit are interconnected, many areas of indigenous America and other ancient cultures express this belief through the circle and more specifically the “medicine wheel.” The wheel represents circles and the interconnection of life. There are four sections of the indigenous medicine wheel, that symbolizes not only the four directions, the circle of life – birth, childhood, adulthood and death, but also the four stages of wellness – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

The circle is an absolute perfect form of balance. Its representation of life is that in order to live a healthy life your circle must be balanced. Native culture and traditions have emphasized the important balance of this circle and its dependence on maintaining balance. However, with a continuous increase in industrialization, populations have become more and more dependent on processed foods to allow for more time spent out of the kitchen.

Meanwhile society has been spending more time out of the kitchen, nutrients have been getting removed from our foods. The lack of nutrients in our diets and our increasing reliance on pharmaceuticals have created a detached outlook on food.Veggies

            With the fitness industry booming and healthcare a constant public issue, NDN Impact would like to introduce a new series on nutrition. This series hopes to offer some information on vegetables, herbs and spices. All of which have traditionally been used to heal, prevent, and treat a variety of ailments in the body, the mind and spirit. The goal is also to inspire you with a weekly blog focusing on facts and tips to create a dialogue and environment for you to take a look at your own diet and food choices, along with offering tips on how to store, cook and preserve nutrients to get the most out of your meals.


The first topic will be on garlic and its nutrient and historical health benefits.

Stay tuned for NDN Impact’s First #FoodFriday on GARLIC!

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5 Tips for a BETTER week!

Sunday’s are a great day to reset your mind and your body!

Here are 5️⃣ tips to HELP get yourself and even your friends and family ready to start a new week! 👌🏽

#WeekendWarriors from the 2018 Shinnecock Pow Wow Workout Series!!


If you’re struggling to stay focused during the week or begin a new routine, start with scheduling out and planning your week on a calendar. For most of us that’s easy! We have schedulers and calendars right here on our phones 📱 

—— When you schedule out all of your work, meetings, bills, and errands, make sure you also schedule in YOUR relaxation time. With all of our hectic work schedules we forget to plan time for ourselves! This creates a vicious cycle of self neglect – let’s break the cycle TODAY!

Failing to plan, is planning to FAIL! 🤓🤓


Next, create a shopping list or meal plan for the week that allows you to get all your fruits, vegetables and most importantly PROTEIN in! With a healthy diet, not only is your body being fueled but so is your brain! 🍎🥑🌽🍗🥩🍣🥗

➡️➡️ if you’re not sure where to start! Email for a FREE grocery list of healthy food options to take the pressure off and make your life even easier! 


Always be sure to check the weather ☀️⛈💨 for the week, so you don’t get caught with any surprise showers! When you’re aware of the week’s climate, you can better plan not just your outfit choices but also your activities. You can find the time to get that outdoor workout or run in, make a family trip to the movies or even find the time to read a book to help grow your mind and enhance your spirit! 


Use Sunday’s to declutter your life! For most of the US, Monday is garbage day so why not prepare the night before and purge any unwanted or unnecessary clutter in your life; but don’t just throw perfectly good/useful items away! Ask around to your friends, family or needy organizations to put turn your junk 🗑 into treasure 🎁 for someone else! 


Finally, GET SOME SLEEP!! With a full work week ahead of you, use Sunday to catch up on some 💤’s! Enjoy your time off from the hustle and bustle with some Sunday naps or even an nice early night to bed! You won’t regret the extra sleep time! 😴😴


My Journey into NPC and Beyond!

The following is a journal of my aspirations, inspirations, and progressions from my fitness and life experiences. I hope my story inspires or helps you in some way to get moving and stay moving forward in your life!

10.15.17 – 11.3.17 Getting My Groove Back


Since I moved to Portland, Maine in May, finding the right balance in my daily life for fitness, work, and play has been incredibly difficult.

Going into the move, I was feeling incredibly excited and passionate about the career path I’ve found for myself in the world of Physical Therapy. I was motivated from qualifying for nationals in NPC and anxious to experience a new city/part of Maine.

However, with all the new excitement came a lot of overwhelming instances too. The first, and in hindsight might have been the worst decision was living alone. Yes, it granted me my own personal freedom to have my own space, but it also sent me into a state of uneasiness and loneliness. There would be nights that I cried leaving work because I felt so hopeless and alone having to go back to an empty apartment that made cbfc0602-630f-4d24-aafe-2433d569b5b2me feel very insecure. Quite often, I found myself so nervous at night that I couldn’t sleep. As a young woman, in an unfamiliar area, and the closest person to me being 2.5 hours away the uneasiness only grew. This left me having to work through a tremendous amount of mental stress on my own just to try and continue to live there.

I lived in a crummy and dodgy part of town where there were plenty of instances of noisy and disruptive neighbors who more than likely had drug and alcohol problems. Not only that, but I also had a trespassing issue where a homeless man was having a manic episode on the property at 3AM. Thus enters Roxanne into my life.

Previously belonging to a family friend who had to move away, Roxanne, a four year old GSD found her new fur-ever home and has made a huge emotional impact on my life.Last year, while living in New York, I would go over to their house for football games and even take Rox for walks and we bonded pretty quickly. However, then I moved to Maine and had no more puppy-time.

After my very eventful stint at living alone, my great-uncle thought of me when they were looking for someone to take Roxanne, and I jumped at the chance to not only have a dog of my own (my family have always had dogs growing up) but to have THIS dog.

Since early July, Roxanne has become my best friend, protector and conversation piece, however life a child, Rox too, brought messes. After just two weeks with me, a stray tail wag knocked a full 40 oz. water bottle straight onto my 2 year old Macbook drowning it. Now, top off me in my living situation, the homeless man, and the overall new adult life struggle with a summer filled with endless bouts of car trouble, and my sanity meter damn near broke from overload. Handling all that while trying to get time in for the gym, the kitchen for proper nutrition, and studying for my personal training exam, I ended up prioritizing work and personal life over my fitness goals for once.

It was by no means easy; and in fact it took me a full 6 months to find a habitual schedule to fit the gym back into my life and to prepare myself mentally for a new training style/regimen this next competition season. I also realized that due to my overwhelming summer, I fell off the face of the social media planet. Here’s why – social media over the years has become my tool as my own coach to hold myself accountable for my training, diet, posing practices and the behind the scenes of my prep life and personal life. The amazing, inspiring and overwhelming support I get from my friends, family and even strangers on social media sends ripple effects through me and fuels my fire for training and improving myself in and out of the gym.

Social media encourages me and let’s me know that just because I don’t have a second person as my coach, people are still watching my progress. It’s a very powerful feeling for me, as someone who never grew up a good or “great” athlete as a kid, but finding a sport like competitive bodybuilding that has an continues to allow me to open doors into a world of athleticism I’d never knew existed for myself. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can be a very competitive person naturally but bodybuilding and the effects of social media has let me funnel my competitive energy into a productive aspect of my life. With all the platforms that I use (Facebook, Instagram, and this blog), my motivation and dedication to compete, write and be myself has never diminished. Taking this break from social media in a way was just taking a break from my coach. There was too much going on inimg_9594 my daily life to be an athlete as well as a full-time professional with some remnants of a social life. Up until this month, this blog has never been utilized fully by me as another coaching tool. I hope this blog, along with the help of friends, family and social media, will allow me to publicly reflect deeper and discuss more topics about health, nutrition, sports and my personal fitness journey as a bikini athlete in the NPC and (hopefully) IFBB bodybuilding leagues.

So here I am starting a new training method to get me stage ready this 2018 spring season, sitting at 138.6lbs; 5’6; 21.2 BMI and 24% body fat. I have 6 months that will fly by to build up, trim down and tweak my physique for the upcoming season. Let’s get to work!

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#DearNativeYouth – UMaine Responds.


As the president of the American Indian Student Organization at the University of Maine, I felt it was crucial that as college students and members of our group to participate in the twitter campaign for #DearNativeYouth. The campaign is designed to encourage, motivate, and inspire our Native Youth not to give up, to follow their dreams and to support one another. The following are some of the responses:


-You always have a place and there is always a purpose.

– Everything that makes you who you are is important.

-The present is to show how far we’ve come.

-Stay strong. You are worthy. Stay active. Stay happy. Stay healthy.

-To laugh at yourself, is to love yourself.

-Dream big, laugh often, live well.

-Be proud of your culture and embrace it.

-Dance to the beat of your own drum.

-YOU have the power to be who you want to be.

-You’ve already inspired so much without even trying. Let’s see what happens next.

-Be proud. Be strong. Know your worth. Never give up.

All of these responses reach for something in people of any age. My hope is that it reaches our Native Youth deeply and enough for them to push back against oppression and fight to come forth into a bright and beautiful future filled with native culture.

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New Indigenous News Radio Show

“Law enforcement gone wild” – Marley Shebala

A new radio program in the west has recently come out called Navajo News Without Borders aka Indigenous News from the Navajo Rez. The program had begun four months ago and has featured topics on government policies, the environment, veteran care/treatment, and domestic violence. All of the featured stories are produced by trained journalists from Navajo land in Widow Rock, Arizona.

The most recent report (12/4/14) included the topic of the “Native American Renaissance” in comparison to the public and political struggles that is happening today with police brutality.

Featured program below:

Navajo News Without Borders AKA Indigenous News from the Navajo Rez 12/04 by Navajo News Without Borders | News Podcasts

Marley Shebala, the host of the radio show, continues on the subject throughout the broadcast, along with the way that news and media are censored in the United States. For audiences to receive more information or to listen to broadcasts go to

Shebala provides weekly broadcasts every Thursday from 7pm-9pm.

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On This November Day by Charlotte Roe


On this November day, I want for my people.

I want our voices to be heard,

To be appreciated for our history, our present and our future.

I want for us all to stand as one for our rights.

I want this country to be filled with knowledge that we do exist.

On this November day, I need for my people.

I need for us to no longer be stepped on,

To no longer be looked over by the media, the government and the people.

I need for my culture to be shared everywhere.

I need for our children to be embraced by all and not for personal gain.

On this November day, I wish for my people.

I wish for our families to not be broken up,

To have my people no longer struggle in their homes.

I wish for us to feel and be supported in all ways.

I wish for our children to be taught our truth and language.

On this November day, I dream for my people.

I dream for our governments to be rid of corruption,

To be focused on the advancing of our people instead of the greed that was taught to us.

I dream that my people will feel fulfilled.

I dream that our country and people will always have a future.

On this November day, I am thankful for my people.

I am thankful that we have always shown compassion,

To have shown it to those who didn’t show it themselves.

I am thankful for our warriors and their feats of protection.

I am thankful for our strength in the most long and trying of times.

I want for my people.

I need for my people.

I wish for my people.

I dream for my people.

I am thankful for my people.

On this November day, what do you feel for my people?

Charlotte Roe
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Pride, Heritage, Tradition-November for Native Americans (Pictures)

November has been officially referred to as Native American Heritage Month for over 20 years. In this time, natives across the country have shown their pride in their heritage through many ways. Some include a national day for wearing certain footwear, donning a certain hairstyle and even creating a national book club where participants must read at least one piece of Native American literature and have a dialogue with others. The following are photographs of some Native American Heritage Month traditions and ways that native people honor their culture.

A hand-painted Chief statue, is the center piece of one family’s early Thanksgiving dinner.
Charlotte Roe
This hand-beaded moose-hide clip with feathers and a set of feather earrings will be worn by a native woman on November 21, for “Rock Your Braids” Day in Indian Country.
Charlotte Roe
Traditional hand-beaded buckskin moccasins. Worn on “Rock Your Mocs” Day (Nov 15) in an effort to show Native American Pride.
Charlotte Roe
Native American literature amongst others old and new.
Charlotte Roe
A Jingle dress hangs on the wall waiting to be used with pride and tradition.
Charlotte Roe
Native man returns to his homeland to look out on the late fall coastal changes.
Charlotte Roe
Native Eastern War dancer participates in Grand Entry at a pow wow.
Walking within nature is said to bring a sense of self for native people.
Walking within nature is said to bring a sense of self for native people.





































This hand drum will be used to play songs of healing and thanks later on this month.
This hand drum will be used to play songs of healing and thanks later on this month.






























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Native People are coming into our own in American pop culture.

MTV has been stepping up to the plate in the acknowledgement of indigenous people in North America. Last week, MTV premiered its first episode of the new season of the show, ‘Rebel Music.’ Last year, the series made a huge impact on audiences. This season’s premiere, just shy of 20min features, Indigenous musical artists and activists from the US and Canada. Amongst the artists featured is Redbud Souix rapper, Frank Waln, First Nations singer Inez Jasper, and Souix rappers, Nataanii Means and Mike “Witko” Cliff.

The musically talented individuals are all teaming up to create a more inspired native youth. Like many in this generation believe, they feel that it is time for today’s “7th Generation” of Native people to take the torch from the elder’s and speak up about social issues in Indian country; give back to the community; bring positive feelings to indigenous people; and reach out to those who don’t know of indigenous struggles.

These “rebel” leaders are using their words and music to send teachings and motivation to carry on the culture and strength so precious to indigenous survival.

Watch the full length premiere on Facebook, or below.