Native Students – Financial Impact on Education. (Part 2)

JMH2981The climb for higher education in the Native American community has been one of the biggest struggles of any minority in the country. Most is due to the lack of educations that has been geared towards Native Americans making inequality level of society even more segregated in education.

However after the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 by Congress, which guaranteed that government provide educational services to Native Americans as well as allowing the Bureau of Indian Affairs $250,000 to use for collegiate loan funding for students. With this funding opportunity the rise in Native American students was over a 30% increase, according to surveys done by the BIA between 1934 and 1935.

As the decades past more and more Native American students increased in the United States in colleges and universities. Most was due to the World War and other opportunities for Native Americans that were created through the BIA for Native American veterans.

Throughout the years the annual funding for Native American students has fluctuated there has still been funding to some degree. While many Native Americans graduate from high school in higher rates than other minorities in the United States, the amount of college graduates in Indian Country are much less. Much of this is attributed to lack of encouragement to attend college and Native American role models that can be looked up to in their success.

As of 2011 only 8.6% of Native Americans are college graduates. Several studies and surveys have attributed financial need and aid to academic success in collegiate. For Native American students that have family funding lower than the American average, their grades would decrease with every passing year. In Native American students’ case, the necessity of a scholarship, grant, or financial aid is the biggest factor in their academic achievement, with family and friend support coming in second, followed by peer connection.

All of these factors are needed any student’s success however it is at the highest rate for Native American success today. Having the access to financial aid, scholarships, grants or other loans allows students to focus more on their studies rather than worrying about scrimping and saving to pay for textbooks, school supplies and tuition. Thus creating a much higher GPA level and ultimately graduation rate increase.


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