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Leonard Peltier’s fight for funds.

Leonard Peltier
Leonard Peltier

The Indiegogo fundraiser has begun on July 10th to raise funds for the legal fees Leonard Peltier, Native American Activist and federal court wrongful prisoner has acquired. The funding is reported to go to the Leonard’s legal team. Currently the group has raised $26, 468 with a goal of $175,000 by August 4th.

With donations starting at $5 contributors can receive a “Freedom” bumper sticker and the highest perk being at a $1000 donation and your name on the Wall of Freedom to show your support along with two Leonard Peltier Fine Art Prints.

While the guarantee that Peltier will be freed from his long (39 years) and wrongful imprisonment this is said to be his final chance at fighting for freedom.

Being close to 70 years old, in poor and diminishing health his justice is crucial. The freeing of Peltier will be impactful for him and his as well as the example that America will set in realizing its mistakes on its indigenous people.

Organizations like Amnesty International as well as celebrities and people of influence such as Susan Sarandon, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama have been active supporters of Peltier’s journey and hope to see him free in his lifetime.

For more information on Leonard Peltier go to and check out a previous article here. In order to donate go to this Indiegogo site.


1 thought on “Leonard Peltier’s fight for funds.”

  1. Reblogged this on sachemspeaks and commented:
    Leonard Peltier is another innocent victim of an inapt government system, if you cannot find the right person just grab an Indian, throw him in jail, throw away the key and call it justice?

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