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Recap: Australia’s National Reconciliation Week

Last week, while Americans were remembering their veterans, Australia too participated in veteran memorial. In Brisbane, crowds of hundreds were in attendance to witness the Indigenous Veterans memorial service at ANZAC Square (Sky News Featured Video).

The event was part of National Reconciliation Week for Australians as a national event to help shed light on the oppression and discrimination of Aboriginal peoples and soldiers during the time of war.

The hope is to also turn around Australia’s and New Zealand’s racist past by remembering those who have been so actively diminished.

However, even though this week and in particular this day (May 26) is in reconciliation, many are still protesting to show the continued mistreatment of indigenous people of the continent. According to there were about 15 large protests being lead throughout the continent.

Notes: Featured in the video is Aboriginal activist and didgeridoo player, Adrian Burragubba. Also digger, a term used within the video is slang in Australia and New Zealand for soldier. National Reconciliation Day is also known to many as National Sorry Day, due to the governments attempts at apologizing for its outlandish actions.


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