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The First Nations Education Act

The First Nations and Canadian Government have introduced the Bill C-33. The Bill is to focus on First Nation education.

The Bill is looking to give elementary and secondary education systems to First Nations to control. This control will create a foundation for First Nations to be in charge of administration and education on reserve schools.

First Nation Education Rally
First Nation Education Rally

It gives greater access to elementary and secondary school aged youth on reserved to education, which has been a struggle throughout Canada.

The Bill plans to set up the necessary funding and assign responsibilities to First Nations member in education that must be followed in order to maintain the bill.

The establishment of the Joint Council of Education Professionals is included, which will give support for First Nations education for scholarships and leadership courses as well as opportunities.

With the Bill being passed, amendments will be made to the ‘Indian Act’ the “Mi’kmaq Education Act” and the “First Nations Jurisdiction over Education in British Columbia Act.”

According to the Bill’s summary, it is looking to give 1.252B Canadian dollars to Core Funding for language and cultural education beginning in 2016-2017. The Education Enhancement Fund will be 160M Canadian dollars over four years starting in 2015 for the development of  institutional structures and support for First Nations educators and administrators. “New funding to build and renovate schools is also confirmed, with $500 million over seven years beginning in 2015–16 for a new Education Infrastructure Fund,” from Canada’s Economic Action Plan.

Overall this Bill will help the partnership between the First Nations and the Canadian Government by focusing on the betterment of Indigenous youth and their cultural education. For more information on Bill C-33 and its funding click here.



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