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The Future of Native Media.

the-native-ad-rush-is-on-social-media-budgets-are-pouring-into-in-stream-adsWhile many natives are seen in entertainment productions, others are finding their voices through media.

Native journalism, as well as natives in journalism are both growing rapidly recently in the country. With the increase it creates more opportunities for a multi-formatted approach to native storytelling. These formats include public broadcasting television and radio, newspapers, magazines, and blogs amongst many others.

The goal of native media is to reach a global market for indigenous news and information. For indigenous people telling stories and providing information is a tradition along with a lifestyle. Today’s media allows for more creative outlets for native faces and voices to be shared.

In my experience with my small WordPress blog as my basis for my first media outlet, I’ve been able to expand through Twitter, Facebook and email newsletters to gain more exposure on more popular sites such as and Even though my own experience has been through the Internet, there are a growing number of native and indigenous based magazines and organizations reaching out for native youth, writers and others heading into or with interest in the media profession.

Opinion writing in native media is one of the more largely focused categories due to the marginalization of indigenous people. With natives in media, it is another support system that allows the perspectives of native people and culture to expand.

In many recent media controversies there has been the misappropriation of native cultures. Having more natives joining into the media and journalism profession it leaves less opportunities for the production of these discrepancies.

Groups like the Native American Journalists Association is focused on unifying its native members to “promote diversity and defend[s] challenges to free press, speech and expression.” It overall wants to encourage natives to gain exposure in mainstream media by providing the experiences and programs to get them there.

Having and creating more programs like NAJA that also sponsor and incorporate each other in Indian Country is the best way to carry our culture, traditions and people into the future.


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