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Frank Waln is doing it big!

Frank Waln
Frank Waln (Twitter)

Frank Waln, Sicangu Lakota, is the new up and coming native hip-hop artist and rapper who has been featured in the Chicago Tribune today.

Waln is 24 and attending his final year at Columbia College Chicago. Like many Native youth who struggle on and off the reservation rap and hip-hop is easily something to relate to. The way Waln has now impacted the music scene is through his incredible verses.

Listening to his music (often when I write or study), always gets me thinking on how to be better and improve my life as well as others around me through my culture. Seeing another young native peer using words and other talents to inspire the masses to speak out against American oppression is so amazing and leaves me with a huge smile on my face.

I hope to be able to get him up to the University of Maine for a performance in the near future. For those who have never heard of him or his music I recommend listening to his Sound Cloud here (my recent favorite is “White War”) and to check out the great article from the Tribune. You can also Waln on twitter, @FrankWaln.

Keep doing great things, Frank!


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